Happy Anorexia Scholarship

Anorexia Scholarships

You may be able to get free or low cost treatment for anorexia nervosa, bulimia or other eating disorders. One organization even gives a 100% free 6 month residential treatment program. The resource page will have updated information showing information about all known sources and what is currently available.

These are constantly changing, so visit here often to see the latest information.


Some resources are completely free for anyone. These are often group sessions available to those who live near enough to get to meeting locations regularly.

Most scholarships and grants require some financial hardship on the part of the family. They may also have requirements regarding the type of eating disorder, the history and the attitude towards recovery.

Some treatment centers have sliding scale payment systems, determined by family income and insurance conditions. This site will list as many as we can find, with examples of the payment systems when possible.

When studies are done on new treatment methods, participants can sometimes get treatment at reduced costs, or for free. They will be listed here as well.

Some lenders specialize in medical loans. These can be useful in cases where a family can make regular payments over time, but cannot come up with the necessary funds all at once.

Help is Available

  • Insurance co-pay is too high
  • Ran out of money
  • Insurance has denied or reduced payments
  • Insurance won't cover the treatment
  • Just cannot afford to pay

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Over 20 resources are listed already, and we're just getting started. Some are completely free, even for 6 month inpatient care.

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